What's Next: Here’s the Latest as We Head Into November

Nextgen What's Next
October 28, 2022

Welcome to another edition of NextGen Policy’s What’s Next!  The month of November will be filled with lots of exciting events and activities for you to keep top of mind – most notably, Election Day is November 8th!!  In this edition, learn how to best prepare for the upcoming election; how to watch our recent Climate 100 webinar, featuring several special guest speakers; why you should apply for public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) now so you don’t miss Monday’s deadline, and so much more.

Ready to Vote on November 8th?   The 2022 general election takes place on Tuesday, November 8th. This election is your chance to help determine who will represent your interests at the federal, state, and local levels of government and express where you stand on key state and community issues. It’s not too late for voters to register in person and vote the same day at local county election offices, early vote centers, or polling locations. Your vote is your voice – be vote ready! Voters can find everything they need to prepare for the November 8th general election below.

Voter Resources

Watch Our Climate 100 Webinar:   Thank you to everyone who tuned in for our recent Climate 100 Webinar. Our Senior Policy Advisor Dave Weiskopf was joined by Governor Newsom’s Senior Climate Advisor Lauren Sanchez, special guest Tom Steyer, as well as several State Agency Cabinet Secretaries for a conversation about how California’s $54 billion Climate Commitment will be distributed across various state departments and how it will benefit every area of our state’s economy. A full recording of the webinar is available for those who were not able to tune in live, including access to all the resources we shared. 

[Deadline on Monday] Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness TODAY:  Student borrowers working in public service have until midnight this Monday, October 31st to apply for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program before the limited waiver period ends. We highly encourage public service workers with student loan debt to apply for PSLF immediately — don’t miss out!  If you have FFEL loans not held by the Department of Education, then be sure to check out the resources section of our Free My Future page to determine your eligibility for PSLF and learn how to apply.

Did You Know? Prop 1 is On Your Ballot:   NGP is committed to helping all women in California fight for equitable rights by supporting policies that advance social, racial, economic, and reproductive justice, including a person’s right to bodily autonomy. With the November 8th general election only a few days away, we want to make sure you know about Prop 1, which is on the ballot this year and directly protects the right to abortion and contraception in California. Our Women’s Issue Area page contains advocacy resources, legislative information including more on Prop 1, and other helpful resources just for you.

What’s Next:   After all our hard work this year, NGP is taking some time to reflect on our work and focus on ourselves! We’re celebrating the big wins and accomplishments we’ve achieved this year as an organization, assessing the lessons learned from the last legislative session, and preparing a roadmap for what lies ahead as we move into the new year. Stay tuned for another edition of What’s Next in the coming weeks!

NextGen Policy fights for progressive policy change to address environmental, social, racial, and economic inequities through justice-centered legislative advocacy, grassroots partnerships, and democratic civic engagement. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of What’s Next!!