Our Climate 100 Project is helping California achieve a 100% climate-aligned state budget! Catch up on our latest efforts, including a breakdown of California’s new $54 billion Climate Commitment.

Our Impact

The NGP mission constantly challenges our team to identify and advocate for the progressive changes that will make a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of Californians – it is what drives all of us to do the work that we do. Check out a few specific examples of how the work we’re doing to advance justice and equity is positively impacting the lives of all Californians.

20 Million

Social media and ad buy impressions that educated, activated, and unified Californians around our priorities.


Actions taken by our followers – including individual letters sent to elected officials; tweets to legislators; toolkits shared; stories collected; and forms submitted.


Individual letters delivered and petitions signed calling on the Governor to take action across our priority bills.


Quotes and mentions in Capitol community news outlets statewide – including earned print media and television interviews.


Advocacy events – organized and participated in webinars and wrote issue briefs, blog posts, and policy reports.


Followers and stakeholders who are ready to take action.

Participation in our democracy must include all of us. That’s why we partnered with election experts and held a virtual discussion on what lessons California can learn from Colorado state law which increased voter registration rates and enhanced the integrity of their election system by updating to a “Back-end” Automatic Voter Registration format.

We’re Taking Action

We’re also taking meaningful action in the following areas, so please check out how you can join us and support this critical work!