Criminal Legal Reform

Fighting to end discriminatory practices and systemic biases in our criminal justice system by prioritizing restorative justice over mass incarceration.

When it comes to criminal justice reform, the low hanging fruit has largely been picked, and now we must address the unjust policies that stem from the systemic racism inherent in our criminal justice system.
Ken Spence

Ken SpenceSenior Policy Advisor

Big Legislative Wins!

AB 256 (Kalra, 2021)

This pivotal bill extends the process and protections established by the Racial Justice Act of 2020 to those who have already been harmed by racism in the courtroom.

AB 280 (Holden, 2023)

This bill continues our efforts to reform the use of solitary confinement in California and is once again known as the California Mandela Act. The bill passed its initial policy and fiscal committees and is now on the Assembly Floor. 

$50 million

Protected $50 million in the 2023-2024 state budget earmarked for the Public Defense Pilot Program, an initiative designed to support local implementation of recently enacted criminal legal reforms.

AB 2632 (Holden, 2022)

This bill, the California Mandela Act, required every jail, prison, or detention facility (both public and private) to follow new regulations and procedures to limit the use of segregated solitary confinement. The measure passed through the Legislature with a final supermajority vote and with very few amendments; however, it was ultimately vetoed by the Governor.  His veto message tasked the CDCR with developing new regulations, but the proposed regulations do not reform the use of solitary confinement within our state’s correctional facilities. Therefore, we remain committed to limiting the use of this tortuous practice in California.

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