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Taking action to advocate for an accessible, quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable health care system that meets the needs of everyone who calls California home.

Healthcare is a human right and people deserve better than the status quo. Industry and drivers of health care costs must be held accountable to the people they serve, not the profits they make. California has come a long way and more work needs to be done.
Elena Santamaria

Elena SantamariaPartnerships Manager and Senior Policy Advisor

California makes great strides in 2023

The pandemic shined a light on the importance of people having access to quality healthcare. Large state and federal  investments have been made, but the road is still long. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are overwhelmingly disproportionately represented in the number of deaths and more work needs to be done to improve the quality of care.


An estimated 700,000 Californians will be eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal regardless of immigration status starting in 2024.

Office of Health Care Affordability

The creation of the Office of Health Care Affordability seeks to bend the healthcare cost curve by analyzing the healthcare market for cost trends and drivers of spending and enforcing healthcare cost targets while promoting quality and equity.

A health policy survey found that the cost of healthcare drove half of Californians to skip or postpone some type of healthcare in the previous 12 months.

A study found that neighborhoods where discriminatory lending practices once limited access to credit for Black, immigrant, and poor Americans have higher rates of COVID-19 comorbidities, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Our Health Care Coalition and Partnerships

NextGen has partnered with Care4All California, a mission-driven organization that advocates for a universal, equitable, and affordable health system for all Californians.

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