Advancing environmental policies that are community-driven and protect access to clean air and water, particularly in California neighborhoods disproportionately affected by environmental pollution.

Every problem the state has is made worse by the climate crisis; and every climate solution, if done well, can help solve other pressing problems.
David Weiskopf

David WeiskopfSenior Policy Advisor

NextGen’s Climate 100 Project is helping California achieve a 100% climate-aligned state budget! Catch up on our latest efforts, including a breakdown of California’s new $54 billion Climate Commitment.

NextGen Policy speaks with the Senior Climate Adviser to Governor Newsom and Agency Cabinet Secretaries who will oversee major investments from California’s $54 billion Climate Commitment during this one-hour webinar hosted on Monday, October 17th. We discussed how these investments will make an immediate and real-world difference, how they will interact with federal investments under the Inflation Reduction Act, how we can keep up the momentum going forward, and answered questions from the press and members of the public.

NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Executive Director Arnold Sowell Jr. and Senior Police Advisor David Weiskopf from the Sacramento based Next Gen Policy about what the $370 billion bill means for California.

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