NextGen California Launches Brand New Million Dollar Ad Campaign to Support Historic Investment in Climate Action

For Immediate Release: June 6, 2022
Contact: Milena Paez,

NextGen California Launches Brand New Million Dollar Ad Campaign to Support Historic Investment in Climate Action

 As Legislators Offer New Proposal Expanding on Governor Newsom’s Climate Budget Investments, NextGen Doubles Down with a new 7-figure Ad Buy Warning “LATER IS TOO LATE” for Climate Investments

SACRAMENTO –  Today, NextGen California turned up the heat on California’s Governor and state leaders with a new million dollar ad campaign expenditure to ensure that expanded proposals to invest in climate action are realized.

See the ad here, “The Headline We Want”.

In addition to running $1,000,000 in ads on broadcast television and digital ads, the campaign is sending targeted mail in key legislative districts throughout the state.

“No other state and very few countries are doing as much as California when it comes to grappling with the worst impacts of climate change,” said NextGen California Executive Director Arnold Sowell Jr. “But as we face the unprecedented challenges presented by the climate crisis – devastating wildfires, extreme heat, sea level rise, and historic droughts – we must push for even more sustained investments to combat this crisis.”

“That’s why we’re continuing with our ‘Later is Too Late’ campaign – we are just BEGINNING to tackle this problem and the long-term devastating effects of climate change,” Sowell added.

The ‘Later is Too Late’ media and grassroots campaign encourages the state Legislature to address the worsening effects of the climate crisis by prioritizing bold climate investments in California’s state budget as soon as possible.

The “Headline We Want” campaign makes clear that we can change the narrative around California’s multiple climate-caused disasters that have ravaged the state over the last decade, including wildfires, extreme heat, and drought.

“Our state’s budget is one of the most powerful tools we have to fight the climate crisis. California’s policymakers must rise to meet this challenge with the urgency it deserves. The window of opportunity to meet our climate goals is closing,” Sowell added.

“This campaign for a California Climate Budget is part of our long term Climate 100 effort to rally public support and encourage California leaders to fully live up to California’s climate commitments, one hundred percent,” said Sowell. “NextGen urges the Governor and legislators to make meaningful investments that will lock in durable, equitable progress on climate at a scale proportionate to the seriousness of the challenge. We have seen time and time again when ordinary Californians rally behind California leaders, we can stand up to the polluters and lead the country in taking bold action on climate. With California’s record-shattering budget surplus, we must go big on climate now. Later is too late.”

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The mission of NextGen Policy and NextGen California is to fight for progressive policy change to address environmental, social, racial, gender, and economic inequities in California through justice-centered legislative advocacy, grassroots partnerships, and democratic civic engagement.