Later is Too Late: Support the California Climate Commitment

Climate change isn’t just a headline to Californians. It’s jeopardizing our safety, our health, and our finances today. We need bold action that delivers for all Californians. California can make good on our climate goals if we support the California Climate Commitment.

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California’s Climate Commitment will:

Protect us from the extreme effects of climate change

We need our elected leaders to commit to keeping us safe from wildfires, drought, extreme heat, and the damaging weather effects we’re experiencing on an increasing basis. It’s time they manage the climate crisis like the emergency it is. That’s why we’re calling on them to invest at least $10 billion to:

  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires and protect our forests
  • Prepare for drought, conserve water, and reduce drought costs
  • Cool our schools and neighborhoods and reduce urban overheating
  • Protect us from the health impacts of carbon pollution, especially in disadvantaged communities

Significantly reduce carbon pollution and eliminate our dependency on big polluters

To stop the climate crisis from worsening, we must dramatically reduce carbon pollution and advance clean energy solutions everywhere we can, from our cars to our homes to our local high schools and our heaviest polluting industries.

That is why we support our state investing at least $17 billion to:

  • End the tailpipe: make deploying electric cars, trucks and buses more convenient and affordable
  • Achieve zero carbon pollution in our kids’ schools
  • Become the leading producer of the clean technology (batteries, vehicles, power plants) that the world needs
  • Provide access to clean, inexpensive public transportation for all
  • Preserve nature and use nature-based solutions to fight climate change

Save Californians money and create more prosperous communities

Taking on climate change benefits every Californian. The California Climate Commitment will help lower our energy bills, create fast-growing industries that will provide good-paying jobs, and turn this challenge into a generational opportunity to come together and build a better world. That’s why we support our state investing over $4 billion to:

  • Move our economy off dirty, expensive oil and gas and deliver cheap, affordable clean energy
  • Employ hundreds of thousands of Californians to clean up dirty industries and protect us from extreme weather
  • Help our farmers by investing in farming practices that promote soil health and sustainability
  • Upgrade and protect our homes, and clean our neighborhoods, especially in the most vulnerable communities
  • Deploy a massive clean energy workforce

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