What's Next: Wrapping Up This Year’s Legislative Session

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October 3, 2022
California concluded this year’s legislative session at midnight on September 30th. We are happy to report that Governor Newsom signed a significant number of the priority bills included in NGP’s 2022 legislative package! Thanks to your support throughout the year, we were able to raise the Governor’s and the State Legislatures’ awareness about the policy and budgetary importance of continuing to make inclusiveness, justice, and equity centerpieces of their work.  And, in doing so, we are helping to make California a truly “Golden State” for all who call it home. Enjoy this summary of what we’ve accomplished together this year.



 Our BIG WINS This Year: You made it happen! Your advocacy efforts helped NGP send nearly 2,000 messages to key decision makers – ensuring a steady voice and loud drumbeat for equity and justice was consistently heard in the halls of the State Capitol! Your advocacy efforts directly led to each of the following bills and state budget items listed below being signed into law by Governor Newsom:


NGP 2022 Legislative Priorities
  • Food Insecurity – SB 907 (Pan): Provides Local Equitable Access to Food (LEAF) for all Californians, increases the number of farmers’ markets across the state, and expands EBT payment options for low-income shoppers at farmer’s markets. 
  • Digital Equity – AB 2750 (Bonta): Creates a State Digital Equity Plan to ensure all Californians have access to affordable, high-quality broadband service.
  • Racial Justice – AB 256 (Kalra): Addresses racism in the courtroom by creating a process to correct the wrongs of racist convictions – extending the process to those who have already been harmed.
  • Climate Action Package: Going Big on Climate action will help California become more resilient, equitable, and prosperous, while also positioning the state as a model for other states and a global leader. Learn more on our Climate100 site.
    • SB 1137 (Gonzalez) establishes a 3,200 ft. health and safety buffer zone between oil wells and schools, homes, and medical facilities;
    • AB 1279 (Muratsuchi) sets a climate pollution reduction target of 85% below 1990 levels to achieve carbon neutrality statewide by 2045;
    • SB 1020 (Laird) accelerates the transition to 100% clean energy by setting a target of 90% by 2035.

For more details read our full press release.

NGP 2022 State Budget Priorities
  • Climate – $54 billion: Builds upon last year’s historic $15B California climate budget and allows California to invest in clean energy, sustainable communities, environmental justice, and to fight extreme weather events in the coming years.
  • Healthy School Meals Pathway Program – $45 million: Creates the California Healthy School Meals Pathway Program – a workforce training pipeline for school food workers.
  • DFPI – $10 million: Addresses the student loan debt crisis by creating a student loan borrower outreach campaign at the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI).
  • Cal Grant Program – $315 million: Establishes the Cal Grant Equity Framework to address college affordability and streamline the much overdue reform of the Cal Grant program.
  • Healthcare4All – $300 million: Provides universal access to MediCal for all Californians, regardless of income or immigration status.

[BY OCT 31] Apply for Student Debt Relief: Student loan borrowers working in the public service sector have less than a month to apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program – October 31st is the deadline! NGP is continuing to share resources with California public service employers to get them to participate in the California Student Debt Challenge and help their employees access PSLF. For helpful student borrower resources and more information, visit our Free My Future website.

Are You Registered to Vote?  Election season is right around the corner! Are you registered to vote and ready to go to the polls or mail in your ballot by November 8th? Mark your calendar for the key dates below to make sure you are fully prepared for Election Day:

Stay tuned for a list of NGP 2022 endorsements, voter registration resources, and more helpful information!

Send a ‘Thank You’ Tweet to Governor Newsom and Senator Pan to let them know what a BIG WIN SB 907 is for California!

Did You Know? With the signing of the bills included in NGP’s climate action package, California will be enacting a $54 billion, climate-aligned budget to address both the causes and impacts of the climate crisis – this is a major win for our state! Check out our Progress Towards Climate 100 report for a full summary of what’s included in California’s climate budget.

Member Spotlight: NGP recognizes and thanks Senator Dr. Pan for his leadership, continued partnership, and support throughout the year. His bill, SB 907 – Local, Equitable, Access to Food – was recently signed into law by Governor Newsom. Additionally, his bill, SB 17 – which created the Office of Racial Equity – was turned into an Executive Order issued by the Governor highlighting the significance of centering equity at the core of state policies and programs. Thank you, Dr. Pan!

What’s Next: We will be celebrating our big legislative wins in the coming weeks! Keep a lookout for website, email, and social media updates to keep you informed on all that we achieved this year. Thank you again for your continued support!
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