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November 11, 2022

Today, we’re taking a moment to honor, celebrate and remember each and every individual who has served in the armed forces to protect our country. Veterans Day is an important time that has been set aside for us to honor and remember the sacrifices made to defend our freedoms, celebrate the diversity of all those who have served, but also to be reminded of our commitment to help solve the pressing issues facing many in our veterans community. Please share the helpful veterans resources that we’ve included below, and do keep reading to learn more about What’s Next at NGP – including post-election updates and a wrap up of our CA Student Debt Challenge.

Resources for Our Veterans: Everyday is an opportunity for us to give back to the veterans who have served and protected our country! Check out our Veterans page to access veteran-focused legislative updates, news articles and helpful resources. Be sure to share with any friends, family, or colleagues who have served.

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California’s Proposition 1: In this year’s general election, Californians voted on Proposition 1, a ballot measure that asked voters to enshrine the right to both abortion and contraception in our state constitution. Prop 1 ensures that California will remain a safe haven for access to reproductive care. On Election Day, voters in California strongly affirmed their support for reproductive rights and freedom – Prop 1 received more votes in this year’s midterm election than any other initiative on the statewide ballot. NGP will continue to fight for equitable rights by supporting policies that advance social, racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

Wrapping Up the CA Student Debt Challenge: A huge thank you to all of the California public service employers who took on the CA Challenge this year! By choosing to participate in the Challenge, you directly helped your student borrower employees access student loan forgiveness through the public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) program and also helped them move one step closer to being free of student debt.

Did You Know? The open enrollment period for Medi-Cal and Covered California runs from November 1st through January 31st. Please check your eligibility online to find out if you qualify for healthcare coverage under Medi-Cal or Covered California.

Member Spotlight: With the 2022 November elections, the California State Legislature is anticipating the addition of an unprecedented number of new members who will be sworn in for the next legislative session. NextGen Policy extends a warm welcome and congratulates all of the incoming members of the State Assembly and Senate who will be joining the ranks of our State Legislature. We look forward to working with you and together helping to build a more equitable and inclusive California for all!

What’s Next: We’re looking ahead to Governor Newsom’s call for a “Special Session” which is set to begin on December 5th. This special session was called to address the urgent issue of oil and gas price gouging in California. Over the course of the next several months, the State Legislature will conduct hearings to learn more about the reasons behind the spike in gas prices as well as consider actions that will protect California consumers but also mitigate against corporate windfall profits. NextGen Policy plans to be involved and engaged in the various legislative deliberations, stay in the loop by following us for the latest!

NextGen Policy fights for progressive policy change to address environmental, social, racial, and economic inequities through justice-centered legislative advocacy, grassroots partnerships, and democratic civic engagement.

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