What’s Next: December Is Here! Special Session, Climate News & More

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December 05, 2022

We are now in December, the last month of the year – and what a successful year it’s been! This edition of What’s Next discusses the Governor’s upcoming special session, provides some insights into the proposed climate Scoping Plan, shares the latest breaking news on President Biden’s student loan debt cancellation plan, and includes a few additional must-know topics. Continue scrolling for a glimpse at What’s Next at NGP as we head into the final month of the year!

[HAPPENING TODAY] December 5th Special Session: Governor Newsom has called the State Legislature into a special session today to discuss the escalating oil and gas prices at the pump here in California. We’ll keep you updated on the latest deliberations and happenings during the session, as we’ll be urging our leaders to place people over profits by thoroughly investigating the gas price volatility and the lack of pricing transparency on the part of oil companies.

December 5th does not just mark the start of the special session, it is also a very important day for the incoming Legislature as it is the first day of the next 2023-2024 Legislative Session and the entire State Legislature gets sworn into office.  All State Assemblymembers and State Senators will be in Sacramento today to participate in their swearing-in ceremonies.  It should be noted that there will be more than 30 new members in the Legislature this coming session, representing nearly one-third of the entire membership. As the new session gets started in January 2023, NGP will keep you apprised of our key bills that are working their way through the legislative process, update you on the status of the state budget (which is expected to have a significant shortfall), and introduce you to many of the new members of the Legislature and their areas of focus.

[NEW] Climate Scoping Plan: Our Senior Policy Advisor Dave Weiskopf recently shared his insights on the California Air Resources Board’s new Scoping Plan, which lays out their initial proposal at a detailed pathway to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045: “It is our job as an advocacy community to turn seemingly impossible goals into realities. NextGen stands ready to work with the State to build a California that we can all be proud of.” More from Dave and the Governor on the new Scoping Plan.

[BREAKING NEWS] Student Loan Debt: The Supreme Court has agreed to review the case as to whether to allow the Biden Administration to cancel student loan debt for millions of student borrowers. While details are still being disclosed, we’re anticipating that the student loan debt payment pause will extend through June 30, 2023 or 60 days after a final court decision, whichever date comes first. Stay tuned for the latest updates as we learn more.

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Member Spotlight: A huge congratulations to Dawn Addis, the Central Coast’s newest Assemblymember-elect in District 30! NGP welcomes Assemblymember-elect Addis to Sacramento and looks forward to working with her to advance equity and justice here in California.

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What’s Next: We’ll be wrapping up the year and sharing a full recap of our 2022 successes with you in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for more updates via our website, and be sure to stay in touch with us on social media for the latest news and information:

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and we look forward to checking in with you in the New Year!


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