Research Round Up 12/4

  1. The California Health Care Foundation argues that health care providers should make telehealth a permanent option after quarantine, and patients agree. According to their report, two-thirds of low income patients said they would prefer telehealth visits after the pandemic.
  2. Brennan center talks about changing the way we think about prosecutorial success and quantifying such success not through conviction rates or sentencing lengths, but by greatest public safety returns. Also on the topic of criminal justice, Legislative Analysts’ Office estimates that in the next five years parolee populations will remain at decreased pandemic numbers due to new policies that changed sentencing rules and allow for early release.
  3. An analysis about decreased learning time and its impact on student success reflects on what the UN referred to as a “generational catastrophe” that will put students at a high risk of dropping out when they get older. Public Policy Institute of California reports that live instruction gaps have gone down since spring, in large part due to increased access to devices.