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Oki Park Garden Project

Together with partners Miridae, Office of Kat Taylor (OKT), and Insight Garden Program, we’re building Oki Park Garden Project, a thriving urban garden that will promote environmental learning, produce fresh fruits and vegetables, and provide job training to individuals affected by the criminal justice system. The planning phase for this project is underway and expected to be completed mid-2022.

With vision and effort, we can provide a space for recreation, education and sustenance. And with an equity mindset, we can ensure such a space provides support and enjoyment to all members of the community, especially those who are so often underserved.
Ken Spence

Ken SpenceSenior Policy Advisor

Oki Park Garden Project's Goals

Oki Park in the College-Glen neighborhood of Sacramento is already a popular place for barbecues, outdoor activities, and dog walking. More than six acres of the park, however, have been sitting vacant for years. City Council member Eric Guerra saw past the weeds, trash, and overhead power lines and envisioned a place that could bring people together, serve the formerly incarcerated, and become a model for urban gardening and natural resource restoration.

Serve as a welcoming space for youth and community enrichment

Provide opportunities for immigrants, undocumented people, and those affected by the criminal justice system to gain job skills and earn livable wages

Partner with local businesses to support program developments

Restore natural ecosystems with native plant species and sustainable practices

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