NextGen California’s Climate 100 Project Applauds Governor Newsom’s Climate Investments in Revised State Budget

For Immediate Release: May 12, 2023
Contact: James Pew,

Governor Newsom’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis holds true in his revised state budget.

SACRAMENTO Today, NextGen California issued the following statement regarding Governor Newsom’s update to his 2023-2024 January budget proposal – the so-called May Revision. In light of a significant budget shortfall, the Governor’s May Revision continues his commitment to climate justice while recognizing and making it clear that there’s more California must do in the fight against the climate crisis.

Statement from NextGen California Climate Policy Fellow, James Pew:

“As part of NextGen’s Climate 100 Project efforts, we’re making the case that every dollar coming into the state budget can play a significant role in the fight against the climate crisis. A budget is a statement of values and the Governor’s May Revision continues to showcase California’s climate leadership and that confronting the climate crisis with the urgency required is a top priority,” said Pew.

“Given the significant economic headwinds on the horizon, we were pleased to see that the Governor’s May Revision climate proposal does not make further cuts to last year’s climate commitment – but California’s climate efforts must continue to advance. So, we were also pleased to see that the Administration is reaching for new tools in the budget toolbox, including increased efforts to draw down federal funds for green schools, sustainable transportation, renewable energy projects, and cleaner air, with a particular emphasis on our most disadvantaged communities. NextGen has offered several recommendations that will help facilitate the allocation of these significant infrastructure investment opportunities. We look forward to working with the Administration and the Legislature to advance a Climate Budget Commitment that will ensure a more equitable, climate resilient, and prosperous California for all.”

Optimizing Infrastructure Spending to Keep California’s Climate Commitment


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