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The vast economic inequality in California today threatens the state’s long history of being a destination for people seeking growth and opportunity. The state must combat growing wealth and income inequality to ensure that future generations can share in California’s prosperity.
Brian Weinberger

Brian WeinbergerSenior Policy Advisor

NextGen supports efforts to reduce poverty in California

As a member of the CalEITC (California Earned Income Tax Credit) Coalition, NextGen supported the successful efforts to reduce poverty in California by expanding eligibility and benefits of the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit program.

Year after year, a significant amount of state and federal EITC money continues to be unclaimed by Californians. These EITC funds, which have previously disrupted cycles of generational poverty and improved health outcomes, play a significant role in decreasing poverty across California, particularly in low-income households with children.

In addition, according to a recent report from California Budget and Policy Center, the state’s EITC program offers vital support to an estimated 4 million California taxpayers who are among the state’s most financially vulnerable residents, helping them to pay for vital needs like food and health care.

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