Mental Health

Ensuring all people have access to mental health services and programs by establishing policies that respect those in need with an understanding that solving many of the issues facing this state also requires a mental health perspective.

The longer we ignore the stigma attached to mental health, the longer it will take for us as a collective society to be whole.

Courtnie Thomas, Policy Advisor

NGP Opposes CARE Courts in California!

The California Legislature passed SB 1338 (Umberg) and the Governor signed the bill into law in 2022 and NextGen was in opposition. Throughout the legislative process, NextGen Policy remained on record in opposition to the CARE Court Program and although well-intentioned, this bill is not the right solution to address CA’s unhoused population – it perpetuates a system of coerced mental health treatment that worsens existing healthcare disparities, disproportionately harms low-income persons as well as people of color populations, infringes on individual’s civil liberties, and does not provide the necessary levels of housing.

We urge you to read our letter to the Governor as we requested him to take action and veto this bill.

Read it here


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NextGen has partnered with close allies and advocates in the mental health space to help connect Californians in need to resources and services.

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