Invest in broadband internet in California

For years, California has tried and failed to close the digital divide — millions of Californians still lack high quality, affordable Internet service. The pandemic shed a bright light on the need for universal internet connectivity, as we relied on broadband for distance learning, telehealth, telework, social interactions, and e-commerce. California is the home of Silicon Valley — we are the pioneers in innovation and technological advancement — and, frankly, it is an outright injustice that millions of Californians are priced out or shut out from accessing reliable broadband service.

Governor Newsom’s May Revision budget proposes to invest $7 billion to build out a broadband infrastructure that will deliver high-quality and high-speed internet service to all Californians. We need to tell the Governor how strongly we support his Broadband For All proposal and how urgently it is needed — closing the digital divide is a matter of social and economic justice.

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