Thanks to your advocacy, Governor Newsom has signed AB 333 into law!


This action has been disabled due to Governor Newsom signing AB 333 into law!


Gang enhancements are one of the ways used to increase criminal punishment and extend a person’s sentence. Gang enhancements disproportionately affect people of color and are a leading cause of mass incarceration — 92% of people in California receiving gang enhancements are people of color. AB 333 (Kamlager), the STEP Forward Act, would begin to address the undue harm posed by the excessive use of gang enhancements by redefining the broad terms “criminal street gang” and “pattern of criminal gang activity.”

AB 333 also separates gang-related prosecutions from prosecutions that are not gang-related — narrowing the applicability of such evidence at trial. AB 333 is an important piece of legislation that will advance the movement towards criminal, racial and social justice.

We told Governor Newsom that this is our chance to end the excessive use of gang enhancements and he listened!