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June 24, 2022

We acknowledge and denounce the devastating ruling today by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. Today is a difficult and frightening day for women, families, and all Americans who have just lost the federally protected right to make their own decisions on healthcare. We know and feel the pain this decision will cause and continue to stand ready in the fight to advance equity and justice for every person who calls this nation home.


As the month of June comes to an end, NextGen Policy is just warming up for the big legislative push ahead!! Keep scrolling to get a glimpse into what our plans are for July including Cal Grant reform efforts that we hope you can support, Climate 100 resources for your review, updates on NGP priority bills, and information on many other topics that you may find useful.

★ Support Cal Grant Reform: The Cal Grant Equity Framework is the first step towards achieving educational equity in California. By modernizing and expanding the Cal Grant program, we can better support the students who need financial aid the most. Please join us and the Fix Financial Aid Coalition in advocating for the new Cal Grant Equity Framework!

Check It Out – New Climate 100 Resources: We’ve been going full-steam ahead on Climate 100 in the last few weeks! The Climate 100 initiative resets our budget focus and advances the perspective that every dollar of our state government spending can potentially help California in the fight against the climate crisis – we need a 100% climate-aligned state budget. Take a look at our Climate 100 website – check out the articles, blog posts, letters to the Governor, and other resources intended to help us tackle the climate crisis through a Climate 100 lens!

[New Article] California’s Golden Road to Affordable Internet Service: High-quality internet plans are expensive! Families who already struggle financially shouldn’t be denied essential online services – telehealth, video streaming, telework, and more – simply because they can’t afford costly internet plans. Check out the important work being done by the California Public Utilities Commission and groups such as CADE – the California Alliance for Digital Equity – to help make high-speed internet access affordable and equitable for all Californians.

SB 907 (Pan), an NGP priority bill, passed the Assembly Human Services Committee with unanimous support earlier this month!  We are now another huge step closer to improving access to healthy foods for all California families. Now we must take action to make sure California State Leadership fully fund SB 907 in the state budget! 



Did You Know? A recent Change Research poll of California voters is making headlines after finding that climate is a top concern, with 75% of voters supporting action by the state to fight climate change. California voters, Democrats in particular, believe that it is urgent for the state to act on the climate crisis, with most saying that the state needs to move faster than it is currently moving. Take a look at the full breakdown of the poll results.

Member Spotlight: Assemblymember Tina McKinnor was sworn in this week as the newest member of the State Legislature, representing the 62nd Assembly District. Asm. McKinnor is committed to prioritizing California’s continued economic recovery from the pandemic, increasing funding for public education, demanding environmental justice for communities most impacted by the climate crisis, and much more! Send Asm. McKinnor a tweet to welcome her aboard!

What’s Next: During the month of July, California Legislators break for Summer Recess. These few weeks provide NextGen Policy time to brainstorm, plan, and prepare for the upcoming final months of the legislative session – the so called “busy season”, which includes August and September when deadlines for amending, signing, and vetoing bills must be met. Stay tuned for more exciting updates this summer!

NextGen Policy fights for progressive policy change to address environmental, social, racial, and economic inequities through justice-centered legislative advocacy, grassroots partnerships, and democratic civic engagement.

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