Celebrating Black History Month - 2022

Dear Friends, 

NextGen Policy is a Black-led non-profit organization dedicated to progressive policy change and to addressing socio-economic inequities through justice-centered legislative advocacy, grassroots partnerships, and democratic civic engagement. Today, February 1st, we commemorate the beginning of Black History Month with the understanding that Black history is an integral part of our shared United States history.  This month while we look back across the centuries to celebrate the enormous contributions of Black Americans throughout our society, we must also focus on the future and the work yet to be done to achieve true racial, social, and economic equity.

Did you know that on this day in 1960, just four civil rights protesters started the first lunch counter sit-in in Greensboro, NC?  The importance of continuing to engage in civic action and standing up for justice is a hallmark of American history – and we ALL can be a part of igniting such progressive change.

For our democracy to work, our elected leaders and judicial system officials must strengthen their commitment to dismantling systemic racism in all aspects of our society. This month, NGP will honor Black leaders in California who have helped to advance the values of justice and equity. We invite you to celebrate, honor and learn about Black History by following us on Twitter and Facebook.  We also invite you to engage in conversation with us about the various ways we can collectively continue to address racial inequities. 

We thank you for your support, reflection, and solidarity. 


Arnold Sowell Jr.
Executive Director, NextGen Policy