State of the State: NGP Takeaways

Last week, in his State of the State address, Governor Newsom talked about “The California Way” — how our policies will advance progressive change even beyond our state’s borders. But we clearly can’t take our own progress for granted. There’s much more work to be done to make California more equitable, like expanding benefits to aid families in need, building more climate-resilient infrastructure, and intensifying the state’s efforts to combat the economic inequities that contribute to homelessness. This is our chance to lead the way – take a look at what our NGP Senior Policy Advisors have to say in response to Newsom.


“Governor Newsom is right that Californians are facing increased prices for gasoline, and we applaud the clean transportation investments included in his proposed budget. The only way we can become free from volatile gas prices and entanglement with corporations and nations that endanger our health and security is to free ourselves from fossil fuels. At NextGen, we are working to help enact policies that will make sure clean transportation of all forms – from electric cars to safe walking routes – are available to all Californians.”

Dave Weiskopf, Senior Policy Advisor


“The Governor’s speech correctly acknowledged that, despite the commendable new investments that the state has made in recent years, much more work remains to be done to reduce the numbers of Californians who are experiencing homelessness. To begin rolling back this crisis, NextGen supports further progress on policies that protect tenants and homeowners from losing their homes, preserve existing affordable housing units, and accelerate the development of new affordable housing, including supportive housing that serves the needs of California’s most vulnerable residents.”

Brian Weinberger, Senior Policy Advisor


This year, NextGen Policy will work closely with the Newsom administration to keep pushing for progressive policies — and we hope you’ll join us.


Watch the State of the State address in its entirety: