Social Justice & Racial Equity Resources

We are here to support our NextGen community. Here, you can find a variety of resources ranging from educational, to trauma-informed mental health resources, to ways we support criminal justice reform initiatives in California, and outlining calls to action you can take to remain active in the fight for social justice and racial equity. We also want to hear from you! We hope you will engage in dialogue with us, give us your feedback, and remember to check back regularly for more updates as new resources become available.

Stay Active in the Fight for Justice

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Anit-Racism Resources

Support Black Trans Womxn

Support Black-Owned Businesses

California Criminal Justice Reform Initiatives

National Recognition of Juneteenth

Register to Vote!

Exercise your right to vote. Ensure you are registered to vote at your current address and visit the California Secretary of State website for more election information.

Secretary of State - Register to Vote

Black Mental Health Resources

Black Mental Health

New York Times Article

Racism’s Hidden Toll in America

*Resources are for educational purposes and are not endorsements by NextGen.