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Summary of SB 907:

  • SB 907 (Pan) improves access to healthy foods for all California families, regardless of income, as well as increases the number of farmers’ markets throughout California.
  • Makes it easier for certified farmers’ markets in California to provide electronic benefits transfer (EBT) services to support families in need of food assistance. 
  • Increases CalFresh access at farmers’ markets which helps small and mid-sized farmers.
  • Allows more low-income households to access locally grown, affordable, fresh and healthy food.

Primary Hashtags:

  • #LEAF
  • #SB907
  • #SignOntoSB907
  • #JointheMovement

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Proposed Twitter Language:

  • Farmers’ markets provide affordable, healthy, fresh, and nutritious foods and should be accessible to all Californians regardless of income status. If you agree, join our #SB907 (@DrPanMD) coalition to combat food insecurity:
  • We’ve partnered w/ @DrPanMD, @nextgen_policy & @AlchemistCDC to expand EBT access to all certified CA farmers’ markets. All Californians deserve #LEAF: Local Equitable Access to Food! That’s why we signed on as a proud sponsor of #SB907. Join us!
  • #SB907 (@DrPanMD) is all about EQUITY! When we expand EBT access at certified CA farmers’ markets we can provide Local Equitable Access to Food (#LEAF) to families who need it most AND support small to mid-sized farmers. #JointheMovement Today:

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