AB 1110

The California Clean Fleet Accelerator Program

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Summary of the Bill

  • Makes it easier and cheaper for smaller public entities — school districts, rural cities, and transit agencies — to buy zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs)
  • Creates the Office of the Clean Vehicles Ombudsperson as a single point of contact to help these public entities with a smooth, cost-effective transition to a clean fleet

Background: Cutting California’s Emissions

Vehicles are the largest emitter of carbon pollution in California, and switching from gas-guzzlers to zero emission electric transport is crucial for a healthy future. Former Gov.Jerry Brown and Gov. Gavin Newsom both issued executive orders to get more ZEVs on the road and phase out the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035 — because if we’re going to seriously address the climate crisis, we have to transform the transportation industry. AB 1110 will help California adopt cleaner, more equitable transportation solutions.

AB 1110’s Proposed Solutions

Right now, larger municipalities are able to more easily switch vehicles that usually run on diesel — buses, delivery trucks, and vans — to electric. However, many small school districts, rural transit agencies, and small local governments face serious logistical and technical challenges in their efforts to transition to clean vehicles. AB 1110 would make it easier for these public entities to acquire ZEVs by offering assistance through the Office of the Clean Vehicles Ombudsman and making ZEVs more affordable through reduced bulk-purchasing costs and low-cost financing tools.

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If we are serious about tackling climate change, we need to ensure every municipality or public entity, regardless of size, has access to zero-emission trucks, school buses, and transit buses, which can cost much less over time to own and operate than older, gas-guzzling vehicles. Small and rural cities, school districts, and transit operators deserve access to the same kinds of technical assistance, financing options and cost savings that the state and larger entities currently enjoy. This benefits everyone.

Assemblymember Robert Rivas

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Senior Policy Advisor

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