2020 Criminal Justice Legislative Wins

AB 2512 (Stone)

This bill brings a much-needed update to state statutes to ensure our criminal justice system meets its expressed ideals. By updating the definition of intellectual disability and prohibiting racist adjustments to intellectual assessments, those with this disability will not be wrongly sent to death row.

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AB 2542 (Kalra)

The Racial Justice Act will help stem racial discrimination in our criminal legal system so that no matter what your skin color is, we are all treated fairly when we have our day in court.

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AB 3099 (Ramos)

The lack of coordination amongst law enforcement agencies with tribal lands within and/or near their jurisdictions has contributed to the tragic number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. This bill will help bridge this gap by directing the DOJ to study the issue and provide technical assistance to these officers, thereby promoting justice in Native communities.

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Our Work on Criminal Justice