NextGen Supports Legal Action Against the Trump Administration’s Decision to Revoke California Authority Under the Clean Air Act.

NextGen stands firmly against the Trump Administration’s decision to jeopardize the health of millions of Californians and supports legal action to protect California’s right to set higher vehicle tailpipe emission standards.

Sacramento, CA – The Trump Administration announced this week that it will weaken the Clean Air Act by repealing California’s waiver which grants our state government the authority to set their own environmental standards beyond those of the federal government – a waiver that has been in effect for more than four decades. NextGen Policy supports the states’ legal efforts to guard against this dangerous rollback of our environmental laws. Executive Director of NextGen Policy, Arnold Sowell Jr. responded, “This is first and foremost a public health issue. Vehicle tailpipe emissions are among the greatest contributors to the climate crisis and air pollution – especially in communities home to many low-income families and people of color. The Trump Administration continues to act recklessly and has once again chosen to side with big corporations against the American people. The provisions outlined in the Clean Air Act are crucial in the fight for clean air. The California waiver paves a path to require more restrictive vehicle tailpipe emission standards, saving consumers money at the gas pump and also reducing air pollution. To date, 13 states also rely on California’s waiver to protect their air quality. NextGen supports California Attorney General Becerra’s plan to litigate against the Trump Administration’s contempt for the rule of law on this matter. At a time when we must fight for solutions to the climate crisis, we refuse to go backward and will continue to lead the fight for clean air.”


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