California policies, programs, and taxpayer dollars must prioritize closing the digital divide. This means putting communities first and empowering them to tackle barriers to broadband access.

Online learning, remote work, job hunting, or meeting with doctors - these all depend on high-speed internet. Access to these essential services should not be contingent on income, zip code, or digital skill sets. Equal access to broadband is a fundamental right for all Californians.
Kami Peer

Kami PeerPolicy Associate

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The California Alliance for Digital Equity is a dedicated group of local and statewide advocates, including NextGen Policy, who focuses on all forms of digital equity, from device acquisition to broadband access to digital literacy.

Access to and facility with the internet is a requirement to engage in today’s world. Work activities, school classes, job applications, and medical appointments all demand reliable high-speed internet. Every Californian deserves access to fast, reliable, and affordable internet, and to have the opportunity to learn how to effectively navigate the digital world. We believe a fast connection without bandwidth or data limitations, coupled with technical support, is a civil right—not a luxury.

Broadband Advocacy

We believe that access to a fast and reliable internet connection without bandwidth or data limitations, coupled with technical support, is a civil right—not a luxury. Below you will find the package we are prioritizing when it comes to closing the digital divide.

AB 2748

DIVCA Reform (Holden)

Reforms existing laws to increase digital equity and ensure that all Californians can access affordable, high-quality video and broadband services.

AB 2751

Broadband Affordability (Garcia)

Creates the Affordable Internet and Net Equality Act which establishes a set of factors that will ensure that all Californians have access to affordable internet services.

Broadband in Action

NGP understands the importance of partnerships and community, that’s why we’ve teamed up with members of our communities to help provide the necessary access to equipment, resources and information to help California thrive.

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