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On November 17 and November 18, NextGen Policy is hosting its third annual Free My Future: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit to help borrowers tackle the burden of student loan debt. 

It’s no secret that the weight of student loan debt is crushing millions of Americans. In the wake of the pandemic, the landscape has changed; borrowers have options and policy makers have a responsibility to respond to the student loan debt crisis with permanent solutions. 

More than four million Californians are drowning in $147 billion of collective student debt. That’s just in California, and yes, that’s “billion” with a “b.” Borrowers are suffering from outrageous interest rates and predatory service loan servicers that keep them entangled in debt for decades. At Free My Future, advocates and policymakers will share the latest information and resources on how to overcome your student debt.

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Primary Hashtags: #FreeMyFuture #ProtectBorrowers
Supporting Hashtags: #CancelStudentDebt #StudentLoanDebt #StudentLoan #StudentDebt 

  1. It’s that time of year—we are once again uniting with borrowers & advocates for NextGen Policy’s third annual #FreeMyFuture: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit. Join us Nov 17-18 to better understand the state of #StudentDebt: #ProtectBorrowers  
  2. #StudentLoanBorrowers deserve the right to build a prosperous life on the promise of higher education— it’s time to step into a future free from #StudentDebt. Register for NextGen Policy’s #FreeMyFuture: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit: 
  3. The #StudentLoan servicing industry helped to create a #StudentLoanDebt crisis; it’s time to take action to #ProtectBorrowers! Join the conversation on Nov 17-18 at NextGen Policy’s #FreeMyFuture: Student Loan Debt Summit: #ProtectBorrowers
  4. Nearly 4M individual’s futures are being held hostage by a crippling amount of debt in California. Learn about resources to help #ProtectBorrowers at the #FreeMyFuture: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit happening Nov 17-18: #ProtectBorrowers
  5. In California alone, nearly 4M people are drowning in a collective $147B in #StudentDebt. Register for the #FreeMyFuture: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit for the latest on the state of #StudentDebt: #ProtectBorrowers

November 17-18 Summit 

  1. Join us for the 2021 #FreeMyFuture: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit where you can learn how to become free of #StudentDebt with resources, workshops, & more! Register here: #ProtectBorrowers
  2. Tune-in to the #FreeMyFuture: Virtual Student Loan Debt Summit to receive resources to help you tackle #StudentDebt and learn more about the 2022 landscape for student borrowers. Register today: #ProtectBorrowers 

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