Breaking down the May Revise in the Climate Space

Hi friend, this email is going to get a little in the weeds, but we want to make sure you have the facts about Governor Newsom’s revisions to his climate investments in this year’s state budget.

In light of California’s record budget surplus — an estimated $49 billion — we have an opportunity to make a number of truly transformative climate investments, an opportunity that may never come around again. California can, and must, end business-as-usual budgeting and consider how the spending of every single taxpayer dollar is connected to the climate crisis.

We’ve put together a fact sheet comparing the Governor’s original climate investments proposed in January with the new numbers he just put forth with his May update, called the May Revise. The new budget allocates an additional $9.5 billion in climate funding. But until every part of the budget and every part of our state government operates in a manner that aligns with what the climate crisis demands, we’ll continue to fight global warming with one arm tied behind our backs.


Thanks for reading,

Dave Weiskopf
Senior Policy Advisor
NextGen Policy