See if your employer participated in the California PSLF Challenge

The California Student Debt Challenge was a statewide public information campaign to help inform student loan borrowers of the opportunity to apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), a federal program that cancels the remainder of a public service worker’s federal student debt after ten years of service.

Only a small fraction of eligible student loan borrowers have been made aware of the program in recent years — out of the 825,000 Californians eligible for PSLF only 10,290 were granted loan forgiveness. The California Student Debt Challenge asked public service employers statewide to take on the CA Challenge and share resources and information with their employees, alerting them of how to apply for PSLF during a special time window that would make it easier for borrowers to attain loan forgiveness. 

For a list of government and nonprofit organizations that took on this year’s California Student Debt Challenge, use the resource below.

Note: PSLF is not affiliated with the Biden Administration’s student loan cancellation plan, which is currently on hold.