California State Grants Portal Informational Webinars

In California there are currently $14.8 billion dollars in state-funded and federally funded grants available to nonprofits, for-profits, small businesses, and individuals across a spectrum of categories such as: environment, housing, education, and healthcare to be used on a first-come basis. However, even with this immense funding available, many in California are not aware of these grants and resources.

NextGen Policy and committed partners are hosting a series of webinars in 2023 to amplify the California State Library’s grants portal to educate the public about these funding opportunities and how best to navigate the portal.

Our first webinar is being held on April 24 and will be followed by a series of additional webinars to take a deeper dive into how these grants can be used specifically in various issue areas.

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WHEN: April 24, 2023, from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. (PST)

ABOUT: During this one hour webinar, learn about the one-stop California Grants Portal where you can find loans and grants offered by state agencies.

California State Library Program Manager Shivani Bose-Varela will provide an informational and instructional webinar to discuss the California State Grants Portal, which will provide step-by-step strategies for the usage of the grants portal and answer questions for best practices.

This webinar is open to all to join, so please share this event to learn more about the crucial and available opportunities of state agency grants.

This webinar is hosted in partnership with California State Library. For any questions, please email Courtnie Thomas.