NGP Priorities 2022

We believe true progress is only possible when justice & equity are at the forefront of our policy solutions. We’re ready to work with Gov. Newsom and CA Leg to help ensure a more prosperous, inclusive, and equitable future for all Californians. Read more below!


“This is the year for California to reassert itself as a true leader on climate justice, and for the legislature to make significant investments by enacting a climate-consistent budget across all departments and programs.”
– Dave Weiskopf, Senior Policy Advisor


“We must address our state’s housing crisis through programs that protect vulnerable tenants from evictions and increase Californians’ access to affordable, supportive, and transitional housing.”
– Brian Weinberger, Senior Policy Advisor


“It is time to have California create a Low-Income Rate Water Assistance program to help provide water affordability assistance, for both drinking water and wastewater services, to low-income ratepayers and ratepayers experiencing economic hardship.”
Adriana Sanchez-Ochoa, Deputy Director


“Now that we’ve become the first state in the nation to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, California needs to continue its leadership role by ensuring those meals are healthy, locally grown, and climate-smart.”
– Tiffany Germain, Research & Policy Advisor


“In 2022, as we continue to move away from the discriminatory and racist criminal justice policies of the past, it is important that we invest in programs that will provide a meaningful opportunity to returning citizens and justice-involved individuals.”
– Ken Spence, Senior Policy Advisor


“California has been at the forefront of policies to expand voter participation. Our state budget needs to include funding for voter education to ensure that everyone is aware of recent changes and voting options.”
– Amy Hamblin, Policy Advisor


“This is the year for California to become more intentional with acknowledging the impact of state policies on the disabled community and be proactive in removing barriers that force people with disabilities to have to fight for accommodations.”
– Annie Ndama, Policy Staff Assistant


“A state budget is a reflection of its values. Investments must continue to be made to ensure health care is affordable, accessible, equitable, and of quality.”
– Elena Santamaria, Policy Advisor


“California should expand funding for the Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program to provide additional support to our small business owners as we navigate our recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.”
– Kat Bocanegra-Speed, Policy Advisor


“Mental health and wellness are key components for Californian’s wellbeing, this year, we must activate thoughtful and community-informed responses to the crisis we are all experiencing.”
– Courtnie Thomas, HR Director & Policy Advisor


“Students at every level of education have been hit hard during the pandemic and with another historic budget surplus, now is the time to invest in students, especially increasing financial aid application completion and reform the Cal Grant system.”
– Samantha Seng, Policy Advisor